ACD trading programs and others
    ACD programs:
  1. Calculating ACD values
  2. Accumulated profit charts
  3. Opening range indicator
  4. Points A and C indicator
  5. Pivot indicator
  6. Tracking breakout levels
  7. Tracking Points A and C

  8. Other programs:
  9. Orders and trades indicator
  10. Market depth indicator
  11. Trading activity indicator


Here I will present some programs of my own design related to the ACD system and not only with it. I use them myself in trading. Pay attention to those under the heading "other programs". They are based on my own ideas and therefore can be unique. The programs are written in the Lua language, compatible with the Quik trading platform, which is widely used for trading in Russia. Perhaps you are using a different trading platform, and then I may need to translate the programs into another language. If this is Metatrader 4, then I can translate the programs into the MQL4 language. I do not see much difficulty translating programs into another language, based on my own experience. You don't need a trading platform to run the first two programs on the list. Just download the Lua interpreter that supports programs written in Lua.

Now I will briefly describe what each chapter in this section contains.